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China's packaging machinery industry is developing toward the direction of integration and intelligence
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It is well known that the machinery industry is developing towards the direction of integration, high efficiency and intelligence, with rapid development of science and technology and increasingly frequent replacement of product updates. In recent years, yingkou hongyuan metal packaging and manufacturing equipment co., ltd. is also facing the demand for the improvement of production efficiency, relevant food machinery also need to improve technology to meet the production needs.
In the current industrialized food processing, when considering finer machines, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the performance of the upstream and downstream machines, or the performance of single belt machine will hinder the industrial production. Most enterprises will choose to produce the products in sets rather than single machines, so it is necessary to ensure that the complete set of food machinery can be continuously produced, balanced production and ensure product quality. From the perspective of production enterprises, the purpose of choosing complete sets of production lines is to improve efficiency and reduce cost, so the safety, health, reasonable and reliable, convenient maintenance and other factors of complete sets of food machinery production lines are crucial.
Now yingkou hongyuan metal packaging and manufacturing equipment co., ltd. has a strong sense of crisis, invested huge profits and a large number of personnel for product research and development, and strive to accelerate the integration of mechanical and electrical food machinery equipment. And the research and development direction is mainly to the following five directions.
First, the development of small weight, small space, the installation and replacement of convenient food machinery; The second is to develop new products that can save energy and resource costs, as well as machines that can recycle wastes. Third, the development of new products with multi-functional, multi-functional packaging of a variety of materials; Fourth, the development of multi-shape packaging machine, square, rectangular and multi-shape multi-functional packaging machine; Fifth, the development of small energy consumption, large output power, good dynamic stability, small pollution.
At present, with the rapid development of the market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the packaging of products is increasingly demanding, which urgently requires the realization of mechanization and automation of packaging. The rapid development of downstream industries and residents' pursuit of quality of life require enterprises to invest in corresponding food packaging machinery to meet production needs.

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