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Matters needing attention in the maintenance of packaging machinery
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Unreasonable operating habits
In the process of operating the machine, each person can form some suitable for their own operating habits, these habits can help them to finish the work more efficient, but in many cases, some habits for loss and the influence of machine equipment itself exists, such as machine overheating that, in many machines there are such problems in the operation process, due to the short period, high intensity of the energy output, can form high temperature, which is has a great influence for the machine. Experienced operators will be appropriate to slow down the pace of operation, or do a temporary cooling, maintenance of the machine. But many people continue to work at the expense of machine life in the pursuit of efficiency. It is a good thing to form your own effective operation habits and style, but before that you must have a full understanding of the machine, in the efficient work and less loss of machinery to find a balance between.
Unscientific management
The ultimate goal of an enterprise is to make a profit. In order to improve work efficiency, overwork is a method frequently used by managers. "overwork" here is not only aimed at people, compared with machines, overwork is even more serious.
In many enterprises, it is a common phenomenon that several teams of workers are constantly rotating and working day and night, but the machines in charge of production never rest. Companies are even running "people can sleep, but make sure machines can't" chants. This mode of operation and management can indeed achieve greater benefits in a short time, in fact, there are huge hidden dangers and disadvantages in this operation. First of all, the machine because of a long time of work, easy to heat, loose parts, lack of lubrication and so on, is likely to have an accident, to the operator's life. Secondly, excessive consumption of machinery life, it is very likely to cause mechanical "strike", relative to the huge production every day, even if the shutdown of a day will cause a huge loss to the enterprise! For the benefit of the moment, and for the production of life buried hidden trouble, it is not worth the loss.
How to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment
In view of the current production and life often appear equipment loss phenomenon and reasons, countless technical personnel and management personnel are thinking, research a set of effective solutions. In fact, to solve the problem, we need to pay attention to the following three aspects.
The operator
The operator is closest to the machine and has the most contact with it. The daily work and life are basically around the machine. Therefore, the operator must first accept the machine from the bottom of my heart, people are not vegetation, everything will let us have feelings. If the "old guy" who accompanies him every day goes wrong, he must be nervous and anxious. In the process of production and operation, he should pay more attention to the machine. Subjectively, he does not simply regard the machine as a tool, but as a good guy who accompanies him and helps him.
At the same time, operators have to learn more about how machines work. It's not just about your dexterity, it's more about how the machine works, how it works. In order to understand the conditions under which the machine is operating normally; When will the machine wear out? Under what circumstances need to use what kind of simple maintenance means and so on. Some basic mechanical equipment maintenance and maintenance knowledge, is every operator should grasp.
Patrol maintenance personnel
For professional inspection and maintenance personnel, mainly divided into two parts: first, the maintenance process; Second, before maintenance.
In the maintenance process, it is necessary to carefully check the failure of the machine, make a calm judgment, evaluate the degree of the machine needs to be repaired, and then conceive the maintenance plan. Usually, the main problems of equipment are: loose, wear and tear, corrosion, scale, and so on, and the traditional maintenance means are mostly: correction, adjustment error, welding repair, lubrication and so on.
Mechanical maintenance will have different ratings according to the degree of damage to the machine, the primary damage is mostly some parts and structural problems, part of the wear faster or shorter life of parts for replacement, adjust the local structure of the equipment. Primary repair frequency is more, the operation involved is also very simple, usually the operator can complete. And more serious maintenance, is the need to restore some of the original equipment precision, performance and production efficiency, in order to ensure that the equipment can be restored to the original standards and technical requirements.
As for the maintenance needs to do before the work is more of a kind of maintenance and protection. Early detection of problems can avoid a lot of work on the production of the same, so the regular inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment, is the main job of the inspection and maintenance personnel. When the problem is found, carry out maintenance immediately, and explain some emergency treatment methods of mechanical equipment to the operator at the same time.
Maintenance can greatly improve the service life and efficiency of mechanical equipment, this is the industry recognized conclusion. The cost of each large machine is a large sum of money, often need a period of time to recover the cost. If the operation of these mechanical equipment accidents, mechanical damage or machinery life shortened, this is the enterprise can not afford. So maintenance is particularly important. The main means of maintenance are: keep the equipment neat, good lubrication, safe operation and fixed loose parts. In general is: clean, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, corrosion protection. Practice has proved that the service life of equipment largely depends on the quality of maintenance.
In the process of management, managers should bear in mind that they should not ignore the load capacity of employees and machines for the sake of temporary interests. Many enterprises in the market peak season, in order to catch up with the task, often make employees and machines overload work, employees can also through the rotation of several work shifts to get rest time, supplement physical strength, but the machine is always in operation. Such high intensity, overload work will undoubtedly produce significant damage to the life of the machine, or even make it "strike". In fact, in the management of employees to work in rotation, in fact, the same can be applied to the machine. It is impossible to guarantee that all the machines will not rest, but it is possible to guarantee that some of the machines in the production line are always working. In this way, both the workers and the machine are rested and replenished, and then the work will be more efficient.
Similarly, the good state of employees is not only a guarantee of production, but also a guarantee of machine operation. Long hours, high intensity and overload work will reduce the mental and physical state of employees to a minimum. It is undoubtedly very dangerous to operate the machine at this time. In the production, the manager can make every employee and the machine have rest and supplement through clear regulations, put an end to the staff in order to get extra income, and ensure the normal operation of production.
Equipment, like people, has a finite lifespan. But how to prolong life is a problem that everyone and enterprises have to face. Because this equipment is maintained appear particularly important, equipment is maintained as the body is recuperated same, want to avoid the harm that a few bad habits cause as far as possible, want to know to cherish "body". Operators to get rid of some bad habits of operation, equipment maintenance personnel to the equipment maintenance as the main content of the work, the management to comprehensive consideration, based on the equipment, set up effective management measures, make the equipment operators, equipment WeiXiuZhe, various equipment management personnel to doing things, careful to take good care of good equipment, from the heart to recognize the importance of equipment maintenance. Only in this way can equipment maintenance have a way out, the life of equipment can be extended.

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