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Technical key points of diversification of cap - capping machine
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The existence, evolution and development of capping equipment have gone beyond packaging itself and the scope of goods, extending to many fields, the function and value of capping equipment is no longer a single. In the past, packaging was mainly based on rational, scientific view and functional definition. Capping equipment gives consideration to rationality and scientific view, but also tends to sensibility and human nature view. People put forward requirements for capping equipment from different perspectives, and show diversified characteristics in economic consciousness, environmental consciousness, scientific consciousness and human concern.
Diversification has become an established fact, from the initial pursuit of practical and universal functions, to now the boundaries of packaging has been extended to people, nature and society at all levels, with a strong extension and inclusiveness. Therefore, we must from different angles to the cap equipment packaging positioning, analysis of its multi-characteristics, grasp its multi-form and development trend. In the same way, the difference of the common and individual demand, the difference of the level demand and the difference of quantity and quality demand all strongly promote the multi-development of screw cap equipment.
In the pursuit of diversification, at the same time, the degree of automation and intelligence of equipment will also advance significantly, a new intelligent, automatic function of the packaging model will gradually replace the traditional into the future. Although the domestic packaging machinery work occupies the initiative of the domestic market, it still lacks competitiveness in the market of high-end equipment. In order to further meet the diversified needs of the market, the screw cap equipment needs to work hard in technology is far from enough.

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