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RH-TH11-LG1050 type cover blank lifting buffer sorting unit
    Publish time 2018-10-24 11:53    

Model: RH-TH11-LG1050 Size: length 3.5m, width 1.2m, height 3.2m; weight: 430 kg; maximum lifting efficiency: 60,000 / hour; maximum sorting efficiency: 60,000 / hour; power: 1.2KW; Cover method: centrifugal type...

Model: RH-TH11-LG1050
Dimensions: length 3.5m, width 1.2m, height 3.2m;
Weight: 430 kg;
Maximum lifting efficiency: 60,000 / hour;
Maximum sorting efficiency: 60,000 / hour;
Power: 1.2KW;
Cover method: centrifugal;
Output cover flow: double flow;
Output mode: full output;
Cover cycle: single cycle;
Lifting the cover method: double hanging plate hoist;
Transportation monitoring: microcomputer automatic;
Warranty time: 1 year.