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RH-FP16-1625 aluminum cover first - time automatic feeding and oiling press
    Publish time 2018-10-24 11:53    

Model: RH-FP16-1625; Size: length 6.5 meters, width 3.5 meters, height 2.5 meters; total weight: 9400KG; stamping tonnage: 85T; punch structure: double action punch; use aluminum plate size: two sides agreement; punch main motor power : 4KW; blower fan power: 0.74 KW; total power: about 7.5KW; number of die heads: 8-16 heads...

Model: RH-FP16-1625;
Dimensions: length 6.5 meters, width 3.5 meters, height 2.5 meters;
Total weight: 9400KG;
Stamping tonnage: 85T;
Punch structure: double action punching;
Use aluminum plate size: agreement between the two parties;
Punch main motor power: 4KW;
Blowing fan power: 0.74 KW;
Total power: about 7.5KW;
Number of mold heads: 8-16 heads;
Tool life: 4 years or more;
Tool sharpening interval: recommended for 1 year;
Punching speed: 80-90 times / minute;
Production efficiency: about 40,000-60000 / hour;
Scrap rate: about 1/10000;
Whether to automatically feed: Yes;
Whether to apply oil automatically: Yes;
Whether to prevent scratches in the whole process: yes;
Whether to automatically color mark positioning: Yes;
Whether to automatically feed: Yes;
Whether the broken net automatically stops the alarm: Yes;
The color block does not recognize the shutdown alarm: yes;
Feeding anti-double detection: Yes;
Double processing of feeding: automatic discharge;
Single warehouse loading / double warehouse loading: double warehouse;
Whether the renewal requires downtime: no need;
Double warehouse loading conversion: hand from double mode;
Color mark positioning domestic / import: import;
Stamping coordinate error: ≤0.1mm;
Is it possible to change the mold: Yes;
Whether frequency conversion: yes;
Warranty time: 1 year.